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How to Style and Look Sexy in BBL Shorts?

BBL Shorts Style Guide How To

The word is everywhere – “What are BBL Shorts?”. Imagine a product that literally changes the way you look, adds volume to your curves, and instantly boosts your confidence. Moreover, The fabric is so smooth and breathable that you can literally pair it with any outfit. It is so versatile you can wear it anywhere from the Gym to your fanciest date nights. This internet sensation of BBL Shorts has only been skyrocketing through TikTok and Instagram Reels. And they rightfully deserve the attention!

I know all of these sound too good to be true. And honestly, I thought the same thing. But eventually, I gave in to the trend and bought my very first pair from Balconyvine Shop. And this is one of those very rare moments I am actually very satisfied with my purchase!
BBL Shorts are literally “What You See Is What You Get”! I went from “blah” normal curves to such a voluptuous figure! It was hard to believe my own eyes. Forget spending thousands of dollars in getting a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) Surgery, which is also one of the most unsafe procedures in the world. You can get safe and sexy curves by spending less than $50 on a good pair of BBL shorts! And the best thing is they actually work!

BBL Shorts – A Style Guide

But just wearing BBL shorts won’t add any extra flair to your silhouette unless styled properly. It is the same as putting make-up only on your face and not blending it down your neck (We all have been through that blunder at least once).

BBL Shorts and Dress on a Date

Going on dates with your partner or a girl’s night out calls for special attention. And you do it all – from shaving to threading eyebrows, getting nails painted, picking out a sexy outfit, and even after everything there’s the constant thought of “What if it’s not enough?”.

No more of those second thoughts when you add BBL shorts to your itinerary.
Pair your sexy short dress with BBL shorts underneath. I promise you will be surprised by the results. The confidence boost from seeing your curves flaunting in a cute dress is something you need right before a nervous date night. Picture Yourself at a restaurant, feeling the confidence of knowing you look irresistible. You’re not just having a date night; you’re channeling your inner goddess and captivating your partner’s attention.

Pair it up With BBL Jackets

If you wanna go BBL – Why not go full BBL? Imagine slipping into a pair of curve enhancing BBL shorts that hug your hips in all the right places. And over that, Pair it up with BBL Jacket that speaks volumes to your style. It’s double the confidence and doubles the sexiness. Go for our Vixen Curve BBL Shorts and Diva Fit BBL Jacket. Wear Gym shorts or cycling shorts over the BBL shorts, And for the BBL jacket, we offer six color variants, pair up any with your favorite sports bra. (PS – My personal favorite is the black one).

This sporty yet refined look is the ultimate cheat code when you are in a rush but need that extra confidence for your day-to-day events, let it be a brunch with the girls or dropping your kids at school. For accessories, A simple hat and earrings will go a long way for this look.

Gym and BBL Shorts

BBL Shorts are a great product and gaining much traction in the fitness industry. Imagine Lunging, Squatting, and Stretching while wearing BBL Shorts. The curve-hugging fabric will enhance your natural silhouette with every motion at the gym. When paired with gym shorts or gym leggings, it’s a great combo. These shorts add an extra layer of allure beneath your gym attire giving you the edge that’s both empowering and definitely sexy.

The breathable fabric of our Vixen Curve and Femme Love shorts also helps you sweat out while not being bothered. For the top it’s advisable to go with whatever makes you comfortable – Your favorite tank top, sports bra, or just a BBL jacket. They all look good in this fit. As for accessories, there’s not much you can do while going for workouts. The regular Headphones paired with.

Athleisure Queens

Are you ready to redefine athleisure with a touch of confidence and a dash of sexiness? Apart from being the best Gym outfit, BBL Shorts are also taking over the athleisure world by blending comfort and confidence together.

Athleisure is all about embracing comfort while excluding style. But… that does not just seem right huh? Being a fashionista it’s no good excluding all the latest trends for the sake of comfort. Well, worry no more! The BBL Shorts paired with an oversized sweatshirt or a relaxed top are all you need to be the Athleisure queen. You will feel the gentle hug of the shorts, reminding you of your curves and the confidence you exceed. You are no more just a casual athleisure girl: you’re chic, confident, and ready to conquer the day.

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